Power your small or medium business with AI

We are an AI platform development studio working at the intersection of user experience and AI technology, creating tailored AI platform solutions that unlock the potential of your business's data and applications.

An AI platform that finally understands your business data

Our team evaluates your business needs, tailors an AI platform custom to your use cases and applications, and gives you the technological edge over your competitors.

  • A Platform Built for your Business. We specialize in developing a tailored AI-powered platform for particular small and medium business needs. You get the insights you want out of your business data in a simple chat interface.
  • Complex Analytics and Instant Insights. Generate graphs and analyze trends in sales, expenses, inventory, or payroll all from one simple, promptable platform. Your reports are saved to files for reference later.
  • Connect to your Business Applications. With our single chat bot solution interface, you are able to run your business in one convenient location with access to all of your business applications.
  • Time Savings - Cost Savings. Reduce operational costs and save over 20% of your daily administrative work, letting you focus on moving your business forward. An AI assistant who finally gives you the answers you need, when you need them.